Cobra Interview 6-17-14, with Rob Potter

Rob – Cobra, welcome to my show.

COBRA – Welcome everybody, thank you.

Rob – You are going on some conferences yourself and having some portal activations acting as the ground crew. Please share your web-site and your upcoming events so people can know where you’re going to be first off so people can look that over while they’re listening to the radio show.

COBRA – Yes, In about 24 hours I travel to Ibiza Spain, an island in the Mediterranean sea where we’ll have a cosmic goddess activation – at the solstice . It will be a very powerful event in which we will integrate the cosmic energies with the energies of the earth. Energetic merger of sky and earth, of heaven and earth. This is the first step towards the final integration of masculine/feminine principle on this planet. As you all know, and have been experienced in your life, there has been an artificial separation by the Archons, by the Cabal. This separation needs to be healed energetically so we can have better energetic conditions on this planet and to heal society as a whole. And then around the 12 – 13 of July we’re going to have the first Victory of the light Conference in Taiwan. Taiwan is a very special place. I would say, the main stronghold of the positive Dragon Societies. There is a very strong community of the light forces there and we’ll have a very special conference for that occasion. So everybody welcome to both places. You know my blog – portal2012 You can check the updates. There is going to be much intel revealed after the activation of June 21st which was not possible before. There will be some new intel revealed quite soon.

Rob – This is wonderful news Cobra. I’ve been receiving many, many wonderful questions from people. I want to thank everyone for sending in their questions. They are of a higher metaphysical order and a more intelligent genre than the average question because those people who value the information that comes from you Cobra, and as always you have unique new information which is not revealed which is in the nuts and bolts area of what is going on in the planet and of course. We always have a disclaimer that people use discernment in all information. We’ll go right into our questions trying to get all those we can. For all those that answer personal questions – he doesn’t know what happened to you when you were 15 and things like that. For those of you who’s questions weren’t answered last time we did have a bad connection. We lost about 20 min of questions for a Skype issues. We had to leave them on the cutting room floor. We have a wonderful new set-up thanks to Ricky Seraphico, our sound engineer and light worker and musician. We also have help from DaNell Glade, our wonderful financial team leader who will be doing the transcribing. And of course, the ever present, artistic creative talent of smally7 who is going to be doing the youtube on this and try to get it out much sooner this time than last time. It may not be out on my site until after the Ibiza conference. Cobra – question number 1. NASA announced that the sun has finished her pole shift. They say that there are 4 poles instead of two. This came from Jeff at the observatory. Is this true and how will this new sun affect us?

COBRA – It’s part of the process. The pole shift is a gradual process and when the polarity begins to shift there is a certain period of time that we have 4-fold situation. This generally happens just before the shift and just after the shift. It’s not a permanent situation so it doesn’t have any drastic influence on life on this planet. It’s just a part of usual procedure of pole reversal that happens every 11 years.

Rob – Thank you. Will that be the same case at some point when the earth has her pole shift.

COBRA – Yes, if the magnetic pole shifts or when it happens, it can be one phase of the process.

Rob – Another question someone has – do they have enough spokes people ready for the event, the initial phase at this point in time.

COBRA – Do you mean spokes persons on the surface of the planet (yes). That is a little bit of a problem because the surface population have been so programmed that that might be a problem in the initial phases. We might not have enough people trained enough or balanced enough to handle the situations. It will be a certain learning curve so there might be a little bit difficult period at first when the event happens but this will be balanced quite fast as the intel begins to come out. At the initial phase there is a shortage of people.

Rob – OK, so there may be a little bit of a 3 – ring circus on the release of the media intel.

COBRA – The intel will come out but not enough qualified people to distribute the intel.

Rob – Will they be taking over the TV stations and do they have certain information ready to release to the public.

COBRA – They have info packets to release to the public and they will be given to the surface populations who will be ready to go to TV stations and present this information to humanity.

Rob – Is there still too much influence on the etheric. You said last year that the event might happen before the non-physical planes are completely cleared. Is that still the plan?

COBRA – It is possible, but I would say that the etheric influence on humanity has not improved much. It’s a big issues and is still quite a problem. I will not comment at which moment they will decide to trigger things, or should I say, will be instructed to do those things.

Rob – Very good, thank you. A lot of people are wondering if you could make some concrete suggestions on planning for our material needs in the in term – at least until the prosperity funds are released. I’ve had repeated requests. You have asked us to take our money out of the banks, should we put it under our mattresses? Convert to silver or gold. Will the gold or silver go down? The stock market will collapse. What about socially responsible stock? Will you talk about the material needs. A lot of people are struggling in their finances. I have to say to those people – There are many other people around the world struggling much more strenuous conditions than some of us. So many don’t have roofs over their head so we have to count our blessings. What do we do until the funds are released. What do we do with our money, should they put it under their mattresses?

COBRA – If you have money in the bank, take it out. You canconvert it into gold or silver or land or invest it into some project that will help the liberation of the planet. I would not suggest to put it in a stock market. I would not suggest keeping it in the bank because it to be confiscated at certain phase.

Rob – Someone said thank you Cobra for all that you and the RM is doing to help all of us. One thing I am uneasy about is the situation in Egypt. I find it difficult to I don’t see how sentencing over 600 people to death can be considered as a victory of the light nor can I see it as a liberal process. I think this was quickly glossed over in the last interview with Alexandra. She knows the Muslim brotherhood is manipulated by the Cabal.

COBRA – First, there was not 600 sentence to death or executed. It was the beginning of the process. Final numbers were much lower. Among those people there were some leaders who were part of the cabal and part of the dark forces. I would not completely agree that with the action of the Egyptian government in executing those people but I would say that it’s part of the human nature. And also, after the event happens, many members of the cabal might be executed because that will be the will of the people.

Rob – Yes, I understand. That’s before the RM and the GFL come in. I’m glad you made that point because that is my feeling as well. I responded to that person: Look basically that’s a human element. That’s not the resistance movement or the Galactic Federation.

COBRA – Exactly. That’s the human element in this. There will be a big need for forgiveness after the event happens. When the human masses realize what the cabal has done, they will be very angry. If there is a certain danger of projecting that anger to the wrong people w/o understanding what really happened. (yes) I suggest that everybody has a right for due process, even the members of the cabal. It can not be stopped, but I would not suggest which comes against anybody at this point.

Rob – Very good. I agree with that. That brings me to another question, I wasn’t going to ask but it kind of leads into that. One person that has made a statement that some Pleiadians have supposedly beamed up 11,000 minor cabal members who become cabal and are forced into that situation trough bribes, threats or things beyond their control and were afraid to get out of the cabal. Is there any truth to 11,000 lower cabal members being beamed up.

COBRA – I will not answer this question. (OK) There are some operations of the light forces and some members have been removed from the planet, I would not comment on the number or the means how this was done. I can only say, Yes there were some members of the Cabal that have been removed from the planet. That’s the only things I’m going to say.

Rob – So, you already mentioned that some cabal members have been removed from the planet and taken to mother ships and they look at their actions and results and they themselves choose to have their souls re-set to the central sun thus not violating . .

COBRA – They have an option. If they choose to accept the light, they are not taken to the central sun. They need to go through re-education process. They have to do everything they can to correct the consequence of their past actions . Some members of the cabal reject that option and don’t want to change over into the light and they are taken to the central sun.

Rob – May I ask you a question – have there been other cabal members that have wanted to be protected by the Resistance movement and the GFL and had their wishes granted. (against what) against Cabal members.

COBRA – Yes, it has happened in certain locations, but it’s a complex situation. Basically Archons do not allow anybody to be contacted by the light forces. It’s a quarantine situation. There are many members of the cabal that want to get out but are not allowed to get out. Not everybody is in there according to their free will.

Rob – Yes, I understand and these will have to be dealt with later. Another question I meant to ask last time and this is a very good point, and you and I have talked about this. Some people have claimed that you have denied that Chemtrails are being sprayed, but you make this clear.   Cobra in Syracuse NY, we get chemtrails every day, several times a day to the point that. We do not see clear sky, ever. Should I move my family someplace else to save their health. Are there countries that do not spray their people. Are there states in the USA that spray less. Please forgive me for being so persistent. Thank you for the amazing work you do.

COBRA – One questions at a time.yes – there are chemtrails. I am not denying their existence. I’m just saying, what most people are not seeing chemtrails they are seeing on contrails. There are chemtrails but they are far less than what people think. Yes it’s good to move out of the US as that is the country under most strong attack from the Cabal as far as chemtrails, food poisoning, scalar weapons and on and on. Anywhere else in the world would be better.

Rob – OK. Now one thing that nobody is talking about. It says that most of the beings are now infected with self replicating, semi-robotic, non organic nano fiber technologies coming from chemtrails, and of course probably supplemented with food and other things. These fibers cause pains and sickness and interfere with our rhythms . Do you know how these unnatural nano fibers can be cleared from all beings on this once beautiful planet.

COBRA – There is a partial solution that, a detoxification protocol that can remove that but basically this situation will be completely resolved after the event.

Rob – Yes, I felt the same way. I felt these advanced technologies can be removed.

You mentioned in the last interview that there were technologies to remove this. Can you please comment on this. Can we force the cabal to release them now. Are they available from our current scientific standard or will most of these technologies take place after the event through the GFL and the RM advanced technologies.

COBRA – Basically,the stardust technologies can be used to remove the source of chronic pain. It can be used to block the central nervous system which will be done at the event for the cabal members, but it can also be used to removed the source of chronic pain, it can repair organs, repair DNA cellular structure. If there is any type of structural damage to the physical body, it can be repaired in about 15 minutes with star-dust technology. It’s a pleiadian technology that will be available very shortly after the event. All case of chronic illness will be healed very shortly after the event with that technology.

Rob – Will this be released unbeknownst to them.

COBRA – No . it will be a very conscious and aware process. Of course people will have to change their way of thinking and behaving. Illness can be re-created with belief systems and emotional states. . But whatever has happened to the physical body that will be fixed. There needs to be a certain psychological adjustment that takes place. Most people will be healed.

Rob – Very well, thank you for that.   Another question here. How do the light forces clear the bases of aliens. Is this done with weapons or non-violently?

COBRA – OK – there were different phases of this process. When the RM was clearing those bases a decade ago or so, it was done through physical battles, unfortunately. In the last phase it will be done through star-dust technology which will block the central nervous system of the negative beings and they were taken to the mother ship and then they will have made a choice to accept the light or go to the central sun.

Rob – OK thank you. I’m going back to the implant question a little bit. In the last interview you mentioned that these implants still remain, these are the ones that are pushed into the body at birth and are invisible and beyond our technology. I have mentioned to people and you have mentioned to people about various technologies like the Pleiadians white laser device that I have on my site, tachyon energy which we have on our sites can increase the body’s vibratory field and this can push out some of the lower astral parasites but the main implant is always within the body. Is that correct and is there any way to make a complete removal of this implant pushed in at birth.

COBRA – You see there is an etheric aspect of this and plasma aspect of this. It’s quite complicated to explain. The Laser technology is the best we have at this moment on the surface of the planet to deal with those implants. The other problem is those implants are the main thing and the scalar technology, which is part of the Archon network. It’s actually maintained by rotating scalar field. That field is actually re-creating that implant again.

Rob – OK, That is what I thought and experienced because we were utilizing in the 1980‘s Fred Bell and Semjase some technology that utilize the sacred geometry and the crystals and the lasers. In fact we combined them with or own positive scalar field Pleiadian technology of pyramids, which are scalar waves and crystals and tesla coils that makes the white laser device even more powerful when used in conjunction. My experience from these devices actually confirms what you said. For a period of time the energy becomes very high and you’re able to obtain high states of realization. Once you’re away from these technologies these different types of feedback mechanisms kind of re-integrate themselves and we all are dealing with this human element aren’t we.

COBRA – It’s not just about human element, it’s about the technology, which exists on the etheric plan the plasma plane. It’s actually re-creating the structure.

Rob – Yea, the human condition on the earth plane due to the technology, that’s a very good point. Another questions. These mother ships and the federation members that Cobra talks about, what density and dimension are they in? 3rd 4th or next? what dimension are they in?

COBRA – They are 5th dimensional beings and above that but of course they can materialize in the physical in the 3rd dimension or 4th dimension if they choose, if they have a purpose to do that.

Rob – Another related question – if they’re not in our same dimension will we only be able to see them when we raise our vibration or can they use their technology to contact us.

COBRA – They can use technology to contact human beings in the 3rd dimension. Their energy presence is very intense. Human beings will have to do energy work to be able to maintain that presence and survive that presence because the energy field of an ascended being, a 5th dimension being is very strong. Human beings will not be able to survive a direct contact. The energy fields of the beings of light that will come will be adjusted to the human frequency, so the human beings will be able to interact and raise their frequencies slowly so they can interact more. It will be a gradual process.

Rob – Yes, thank you. That coincides with J J Hurtak information that there will be certain areas or islands of light which he calls the “arc of the chilicosm” where the beings from the 5th dimension and higher will be able to interact as well as within space ships themselves which actually provide inter dimensional areas where people from different densities and frequencies of creation can interact and this is an important part of the transition on earth. I’ve been in contact in kauilapele ( who we all resonate as a good brother back in Hawaii and he has offered the following questions for you. Some of them are from his listeners. 1st question is: Can you first clarify who the 144,000 are and if these are star seeds.

COBRA – Yes, it’s actually i would say, a core group of star seeds, those that have chosen to come to earth to transform all darkness with their light. It’s a symbolic number which describes a very, I would say, a special task force which came to this planet through various phases of history of this planet. Most of them came here in Atlantis and kept incarnating in various key positions in key periods of history and now this group is here with a purpose of transforming and liberating the planet.

Rob – OK another question from kauilapele which I’ve received a lot of similar one. This is a big one. We have all this talk of the Isis or terrorist groups in Iraq. Is this Cabal type operation to stir the pot? It seems beyond coincidence that the latest incarnations of the insurgent led revolt in Iraq has called Isis.

COBRA – Yes, the Archons have chosen that name on purpose. They take symbol that’s positive and try to associate it with something negative in the minds of human beings. Now this name is all over the mass media. If somebody from the street reads about Isis – in human mind their image of fanatics killing people instead of a Goddess of light. This is how association of the mind works. They have done the same thing, the Nazi’s have taken a very old symbol of the swastika – which means spiritual evolution, and turned it around into a symbol of evil. Same thing happened to pentagram and some other symbols in the past. This is what the illuminati are using for example All Seeing Eye, they have hijacked the symbol. It’s a symbol of the source and they have hijacked it and it represents an all seeing eye of the one world order. This is how the Archons work. Whenever people see to see symbols they associate it with something negative. And so the positive energy of the symbol can’t flow through. It’s an occult war that is taking place.

Rob – Yes, it’s a control for the attention of people. I’ve mentioned these facts many times. I feel exactly the same way. Another question from kauilapele: Are the light forces doing anything to resolve the Ukraine situation and is Putin working with them.

COBRA – Yes they are doing many things to resolve the Ukraine situation but again we have human factor and human free will. There are many occasions when certain individuals have not followed the guidance in the Ukraine situation. The light forces have managed to decrease the number of casualties and the scale of the conflict but they were not able to completely remove it. And yes, Putin is supporting the agenda of the light forces but he also has his own agenda of creating strong Russia. I would say Putin is at this moment, is having a much more positive role than the cabal structure which wants to use Ukraine to promote their agenda.

Rob – Thank you. What is the current situation with Archons and Chimera group?

COBRA – Most of the Archons have lost a lot of power in the last half-year and also there has been a lot of improvement. There have been operations of the light forces to decrease the power of the chimera group. It has been successful to a great degree and I will be able to release some Intel soon.

Rob – OK. A lot of people have asked about the recent death of the Rockefeller. Is this the work of the light forces within the RM in taking out the Cabal at this point.

COBRA – I would just say, situation happened on Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th is the day when the templar leader was executed. (Hmmm interesting. OK) There will be more to this, but this is the only thing I will say at the moment.

Rob – OK. This is a shout out to those people who are in the sisterhood of the Rose. A lot of people have wanted to have a clarification. How come we never heard about the sisterhood of the Rose or Brotherhood of the order of the Star. Obviously these are esoteric groups. Is this new or can you talk about it.

COBRA – You see, we have secret societies of the light and there are secret societies of the darkness. And secret societies of the light were secret for a reason otherwise they would be too exposed to the dark actions of the cabal. Sisterhood of the rose had to keep a low profile in the last centuries because you all know about the witch hunts and what was happening to women who were too bright with their light. But now it’s time for Sisterhood of the Rose to be re-activated again and this is what is happening after all those centuries. Sisterhood of the Rose was a very active in certain key periods of history to bring peace and healing to humanity. They influenced some of the Nazi’s to be more peaceful. They have influenced some of the key people during the crusades, they were very active in ancient Egypt and on and on.

Rob – OK. Thank you very much for that information. This is one question from someone and I can understand this kind of question – to talk about Isis and Ishtar, or Ashtar as we know him. “Many temples of the Goddesses will be built after the event”, is one of the quotes you made. One person wants to know – Are we going back into a religion, is this going to be encouraged to worship a “goddess”. Will this be any different? They want to know about this kind of temple, is this going to be a shrine, monument, is it going to come close to a church type thing. Can you explain when you mention that Goddess and stuff, the difference between the ultimate creator beyond all and the various aspects of positivity that this supreme force represents and how that is going to be related to in these temples?

COBRA – It will not be religion in the traditional sense of the word. There will not be priest preaching and telling you what to do. They will be more like the temples present on the planet at the time of Atlantis to connect with the feminine aspect of creation.

Rob – So these will be beautiful artistic shrines that will inspire communion with feminine aspect of creation. (exactly). I figured that. Another question – How many star seeds are there on earth?

COBRA – I would estimate about 10 million.

Rob – That’s what this person thought. Some people have mentioned that at the time of the event, the star seeds in particular will receive healing and it will heal them physically in some way. Can you clarify if this is true for everyone or for star seeds? How will this help the star seeds?

COBRA – The healing process will begin at the event and will continue for quite some time. First thing will be a lot of healing because the control of the cabal will be gone. It will release much pressure from human beings and certain emotions will come out and be healed. Second healing of the mind because there will be a lot of Intel available, which is not available now, and people will have a much clearer picture what is going on. 3rd – there will be healing of the body with new wonderful medicine technologies being released. It’s a process and it can not happen overnight. For the average human being can take months or even years. There will be constant improvement. Not the situation like now: when we have almost no improvement and just constant control.

Rob – OK. Here’s another question that I keep getting from lots of people and you have lots of posts there and it’s hard to know everything you’ve said in all your different interviews. A lot of people are new. So many are asking the same question about planet X. One person says a Russian Physicist Dr. Serge Sal says any talk of Planet X is dis-information and used to generate fear and conflict and of course there’s many other people talking about dwarf suns and planets etc. Could you please comment again?

COBRA – Yes, I’ve said this many times. Yes, there is planet X. It’s orbiting the outer region of the solar system and no – there is no Nibiru, there is no object crashing into earth, coming closer to earth or having any type of danger for planet earth.

Rob – Thank you. Can you please clarify again in regards to the Archons and the story of Enlil and Enu ?. Can you explain a little more what their interaction is. You’ve made it clear before that this is only one group of E.T. that had influence on the planet. Some people are feeling they are a major influence and think they are still active. Can you clarify people from planet Nibiru and their story.

COBRA – The whole story about Nibiru is dis-information. It’s a fake story. It’s not based on truth.

Rob – So Zacharia Sitchin’s book is not based in truth? (Exactly)   This is going to be hard for some to swallow but Dr. Strange who’s also in contact with Valiant Thor gave me the exact same information. This information is info written from text and older text which is basically is just dis-information and mis info.

COBRA – Sitchin did not translate those Sumerian texts correctly.

Rob – OK, So you’re saying they are incorrectly translated. (exactly) Was this done on purpose? (exactly) Thank you. That’s going to stir some pots I’m sure. Can the etheric Archon grid be describe as kind of an artificial intelligence who’s primary objective is to infinitely repeatedly loops and manipulate the electrical fields of human so as to maximize suffering and negative emotions

COBRA – Yes, it can be described as such.

Rob – Ok, very good. Another question is: what was the effect of the G-2 cloud if any

COBRA – The light forces have protected the solar system against any possible increase of radiation. That event has passed already and it will not have any neg. effect on humanity. The only effect was an interjecting on time around April and May when the peak of that transition happened was an very intense purification of etheric planes and astral planes. It was a very hard time for many human beings because a lot of darkness from those planes have been purified and consequently there were many attacked on the light workers and light warriors from those dark forces which were loosing ground at that time.

Rob – Thank you, and that is continuing at this point in time. There seems to be still a lot of agitation and a lot confusion in a lot of people and there seems to be in some cases in-fighting among people which have the same pure intent and they seem to pit against each other for unnecessary reason. This is still on-going.

COBRA – It’s still on going. I have said may times for people not to get provoked and almost nobody listens to me. But it’s their choice and people will have to face the consequences of their actions sooner or later.

Rob – Yes, it’s basically – don’t take things personally. We need to move forward. We all have different viewpoints (yes). Yes, thank you. Here’s another good question. I know a lot of people ask and I have my feelings on this – I want to see if you resonate with me. A lot of people are saying – How come we’re allowed to evolve where we are today with technology and knowledge and the dark ones are so advanced in their technology. Why haven’t they stopped us, Are they playing with us to see glimpses of freedom. then wham – to keep us suffering some more.

COBRA – They have tried to stop the evolution as much as possible. I wouldn’t say this planet is technologically advanced. It’s one of the most backwards planets I have experience.

Rob – Thank you. I have also heard from other sources I respect who state that on most planets, what we call origin planets that begin and evolve into a species level that when they reach a certain level of development in their tribal state, they reach a very high technological state of advancement very quickly and usually go from a tribe to actually a technology beyond us. The fact that we have had a slow mechanical industrialization technology is actually part of the cabal, is that correct? (exactly) Thank you. How is it possible to make psychic contact with the space family ships circling our planet.

COBRA – OK. It’s a tricky situation. I will put it this way, you can have contact with the light forces only after you have made contact with your own higher self. You can only make contact with those forces, with the light forces through your own higher self. If you don’t have that contact through your own higher self, and you try to make contact with the light forces you will most likely get to the astral plane and etheric plane, and of course the Archon’s will interfere. I would suggest for everybody first to make direct and stable contact with your own higher self.

Rob – Thank you Cobra, great words of wisdom – seek the light within and all things will be added unto you. The light and sound actually, the divine sound current is so important. Here’s another good question here. Since there are 20 million RM movement members living underground, why can’t they participate in the weekly meditation in order to reach critical mass?

COBRA – They of course do have their meditations and they have reached a critical mass for their society and are doing just fine. For the surface of the planet to reach that peaceful state the surface population needs to reach that critical mass.

Rob – Very good. Has time on the earth been disrupted by the cabal in any way and if so in what way.

COBRA – OK, the cabal tried to disrupt the flow of time but they were not successful because the signs of time is far beyond the understanding of the cabal as many other things are.

Rob – Thank you very much. We’ve had some questions about the whales and dolphins. Of course we know that we have some negative harmonics affecting them. They are very important as Sheldon Nidle said to weave the etheric network. What can we do on a 3D level and higher level to protect and assist and save the cetacean? On a higher level, all the other beautiful living creatures on the earth that are being destroyed.

COBRA – On the spiritual level – you can connect them with love, on the psychical level, you can spread information to the masses of what is happening to them to bring awareness. When enough people are aware most of the things that are happening would not be allowed to happen any more.

Rob – Thank you very much. I have another question from a person who has really enjoyed your information. What is the part that LOVE plays in this whole liberation of the planet?

COBRA – OK. Love is the core, it is the essence of life and when the cabal is removed, love will be the basis of human reality again because that is our birthright.

Rob – Clearly the cabal can not stop people from loving as we do have that ability within ourselves correct? (exactly) Are we going into a time when we are redefining the contrast in our world, good/bad, light/dark, and control/freedom? We seem to have created monuments to both ends that do not serve us. Going beyond those extreme ends to a new model of compassion, creativity and feeling w/o fear. Is that is what is coming forward or do we keep having these contrast of light and dark after the event or something different?

COBRA – The contrast with light/dark was never intended to exist. The dark was not intentionally created. It was the result of the contingency random function that was created out of the void. When the dark forces are removed there will be no more need for darkness to exist. The contrast that will continue It will not be a polarity contrast between light and dark. It will be a natural contrast between different life experiences, which will be more or less of a positive nature.

Rob – Thank you. Someone wanted to ask, and this is a big continent, and I’m 1/2 Australian – I was conceived there and have lots of relatives there. What are your thoughts on Australia. They’ve noticed more chemtrails, they feel the cabal-controlled government is hammering them, not as bad as America even though it seems it’s getting that way. Can you talk about Australia?

COBRA – Yes, the cabal tries to recreate Australia according to western model of US and UK. they are somewhat successful but Australia is a much freer country compared to those two countries.

Rob – If you have a problem with your govt. – go to the _Nula boor plane. They’ll never find you. It seems there’s an enormous amount of grief and tremendous suffering on the planet with all the – pedophile and torture and all of these things. All of this info coming forward. How will people understand to integrate this aspect of our collective self. Our spiritual or on a more powerful dimensional level, how can we get past this anger and outrage that comes through us as we go through these changes.

COBRA – First, it will be a gradual process. It’s not something the average person can stomach an process in a day. The great part of the healing when people begin to understand that humanity has a whole has contributed greatly to what happened because they kept silence and didn’t say NO. Many people that knew about this and tolerated this when it is not tolerable. Now it’s going to end simply because now enough people are saying they have had enough.

Rob – Very good, thank you. Someone asked Is it true that E.T. ‘s can and will influence people in their sleep before and during their sleep. I’ll answer that: yes – . they influence people in their waking life still. How is this permission given for them to do that or is it beyond permission in some way.

COBRA – It’s a soul agreement. Everybody that has been incarnated on the planet and belongs to the light forces. All the light workers and light warriors made an agreement with the light forces to be assisted in the awakening process. of course you can cancel that agreement, but I would not recommend. Of course it’s good to have some loving help from our brothers and sisters from the stars.

Rob – I agree completely with that answer. Does the banking system have to come to a screeching halt before the event. Is it possible that something can be done in a gradual process and once it’s done people will notice.

COBRA – It will be a sudden re-set at the event. It’s not possible to transform gradual this banking system simply because- it’s too corrupt. It has to be re-set and the cabal needs to be put OUT of the banking system.

Rob – OK. There’s a question here people were wondering about the souls of the animals where they come from. Why are they coming here to experience such traumatic conditions and clearly the galactic forces know about holocaust and eco and genocide of entire species on our planet. Could you comment about the souls of these beings and how they fit in this process and what the GFO will be doing to assist them.

COBRA – It’s an unfortunate situation. All the life streams on this planet have been actually made hostage to the cabal and the animals are not excluded to this. After the event happens it will be a big relief for all the life streams on this planet because they will given much loving healing and attention. Many of the life forces will be resorted to their previous beauty.

Rob – The question – do light forces or other Galactic Federation forces have plans in place in phasing out of animal agriculture via alternative methods of food production, i.e.; replicators and other advanced methods.

COBRA – Yes, of course. There might be some people that still need to eat meat but that will be done in a much more loving and humane way than it’s done now. It will not be a mass industry as it is now. This will be over. This will be finished.

Rob – Someone asked, how long until the planet gradually becomes vegetarian?

COBRA – This is an individual process. Some people are already vegetarian and some people will take quite some time. The only thing I can say, if an animal is killed for food, it’s part of a life cycle and not a part of an industry for profit. It’s a different story. Some people are of a stage that need meat as a dietary food intake.

Rob – They have no other source of food. Some people still hunt on the planet and that is how they gain their sustenance. I understand that. I’m sure that’ll probably bring about some feelings in people. Eventually things will be changed and the Lion will lay down with the lamb. According to Sharula or Boni both names are correct of the Inner earth: We will one day see animals who are actually carnivores will become grass eaters. That’s correct isn’t it?

COBRA – Yes that is correct. It is the same process with human beings. For Human beings this can take some time to adjust.

Rob – Yes, another question – is the planet ascending now. Is this a slow gradual process or will the ascension of the planet . . . .

COBRA – The planet is not ascending yet because it is under control of the Archons and their technology. Ascension process will begin at the event.

Rob – Thank you very much. If a person dies prior to the event while the Archons are still in control of the reincarnation machinery of the earth, or she has a chance of escaping the forced reincarnation if they’re prepared with the knowledge of the Archons.

COBRA – It is possible but not easy. It was always possible to escape that re-birth mechanism but it was never easy, and it’s still not easy. But if you have some understanding of the Archons, it’s gets easier because you can orient yourself after the death process and you’ll know what’s going on.

Rob – It seems that many of the light workers that they would have agreed to the Archon control and taken the reincarnation in order to serve their fellow brothers and sisters in the matrix.

COBRA – It’s one thing to follow the Archon process and it’s another thing to make a conscious choice to incarnate and help other beings. Those are different stories.

Rob – Yes. So some beings have had no choice but to re-incarnate, is that correct?

COBRA – Yes and some beings have a plan to assist humanity, but the Archons chose their parents. This is the reason why many of the light workers have problems with their parents because they did not choose their parents, Archons chose their parents.

Rob – Thank you. That answers another question someone had. We’re going to get a little more metaphysical. Does there exist an age of the soul. How can we know the age of the soul. Are the bad guys the older wiser souls who gave the good ones the chance to have the experience of being lighted?

COBRA – The whole concept of age of soul is mis-guided. Soul does not gain experience through linear time. I would rather call it the Wisdom of the soul and it has nothing to do with the age of the soul. And No, the dark forces are not wise they are actually immature and very mis-guided souls.

Rob – OK. Here’s a hot potato. What do you think about long standing homosexual relationships based on true love and w/o perversion? Do you think homosexuality is a perverted energy in general and projected by Archons.

COBRA – There are may different causes for this. Yes it is possible that some people have a loving soul based homosexual relationship and there’s nothing wrong with that – It’s also true that for many human beings this was artificially conditioned by the Archons because they wanted to prevent healthy male to female polarity. Especially among cabal members there is a lot of homosexual behavior which has been mind programmed into them to prevent healthy relationships between male/female partners. Because for example, if a cabal member had a healthy relationship with a female, he would no longer be a cabal member because he would not want to be.

Rob – Right. That may stir up some people, but to be clear, I spoke to J J Hurtak and he also indicated people have to make their own choice and just because there’s a program and there’s many other positive people that can have good loving homosexual relationships. This is correct

COBRA – Yes, both things exist as I’ve said before.

Rob – Another person wanted to know – is there such a thing as twin flames – and obviously twin flame means one. Can you have more? Obviously there’s Soul family groups. Is there such a thing as twin flames. Can you talk about that

COBRA – Twin soul. Every being before descended from a higher dimension had to split into male/female polarity and these are the so-called twin souls. You’ll always have just one. But you have many soul mates and soul mates are being have the same origin, they came from the same soul family. They had the same general evolution after emerging as a soul group from the galactic central sun.

Rob – Thank you. I agree with that. I recommend people Read Godfrey Ray King books on the I Am presence – meeting with the Mt. Shasta. He explains that clearly. I’m going to ask you a question based on my knowledge, eventually as a soul evolves and ascends, they will actually merge with their twin flame and actually go into a unified, kind of a dualistic being on another plane level afterwards, is that correct?

COBRA – Yes, that merger happens first there will be a certain moment before your ascension where you meet your twin soul and you will grow together and ascend together in most cases. After your ascension there will be a certain moment when those beings merge again into one being which has completely integrated male/female polarities.

Rob – Yes, and that may be quite a long time for many people. We don’t have to worry about it. For some people it could happen shortly after the event

COBRA – It’s far beyond the understanding and the level of conscious of even the most advanced beings on this planet at this point.

Rob – That’s not an arrogant statement folks. It’s just a metaphysical understanding. Believe me I many others and myself, I won’t speak for Cobra, but that type of information is told to us.

COBRA – There is so much more to evolution that is far beyond the stage we are now in. The event is not the end of evolution. The event is the beginning of the real evolution. There is so much more waiting for us.

Rob – Right – here’s a question. If we ascend will we be in physical bodies after. Will we be able to modify our bodies?

COBRA – After ascension you will not have a physical body any more because you will be beyond the 3rd dimension but of course you can project a hologram into that 3rd dimension but you will not be identified by that hologram. It will just be a of your consciousness in this dimension

Rob – OK. There is many diff answers for many people. Generally speaking, for those of us on the earth, do we have one origin planet or one galaxy where we came from or are we soul wanderers. Is it true our home could be on a light ship?

COBRA – Most souls have originated from the central sun of this galaxy and some souls from central sun of some other galaxies. And then of course we Went through various star systems and we spent time of various planets and a lot of time on mother ships and of course most of humanity has been created here on this planet and has grown and evolved on this planet.

Rob – Yes, but the souls actually originated on the grand central sun. Did they have a life there or did they just originate and the soul was created and maybe had a first incarnation on a planet.

COBRA – The central sun is a birthing star gate for the soul. Then souls are actually, they emerge from the galactic central sun and they travel and they gain experience first in the central region of the galaxy and afterward they of course wander in different directions.

Rob – For many people who have created pain and sorrow for us in this life, let’s say the cabal, and this is a question some people still ask, maybe they’re not so familiar with your group I think it’s important that we clear this up. It’s a repeated question. For the people that created pain and sorrow for us in this life is this our earned karma or is this the same as life before, between, Atlantis and now.

COBRA – The whole idea of Karma is an Archon creation – is because they want you to feel guilty for something you haven’t done and they don’t want you to resist the negative action of the cabal. it’s not that we have done something wrong and we are punished or we need to learn a lesson. The only lesson we need to learn is to say “NO” to those creations to the Archons, to the Cabal to the illuminati, say no and Liberate the planet.

Rob – Very good. I’m going to ask some other questions here in regards the planetary liberation process. Who’s the main overseer or director of this planetary liberation process? Commander Ashtar, The God Source and under who’s guidance are you working.

COBRA – There is no boss, there are simply different beings who have different roles in the process and is guided from the source directly through various roles and various functions. I have many contacts with many beings on many different dimensions. Some are on planet and some are off planet.

Rob – Thank you. You have stated that the brotherhood of the Star connects through Sirius through the Jupiter command. Can you tell us something more about the Jupiter command.

COBRA – The Jupiter Command is one division of Galactic Confederation which has it’s main strong hold on _?__ near the Galleon moons of Jupiter and it’s holding the being, holding the star gate for this solar system because the energy of cosmic love is flowing from Sirius star system and is being transmitted through the 4 main central lines of Jupiter in the inner solar system and that is their function. What they do is the command does sends rays of love and light through the Symbolic group of 144,000 . light workers and light warriors or __?__ to awaken them and prepare them for their mission for the greater plan.

Rob – Thank you. This is kind of a personal question but can be used by many people. There are people now who are totally in the dark doing bad things against their brothers and sisters. Not just getting upset and taking things personally. Will they get some healing after the event. Will they be enlightened? Is forgiveness for everybody? Will every bad person involved in things have to apologize?

COBRA – As I’ve said before, those who have done bad things. They will have 2 choices – to accept the light. They will get forgiveness but they will have to correct their past actions. It’s not that everything is suddenly OK. They will have to go through certain alignment process. They will have to work actively to correct what they have done. This can sometimes takes years or even lifetimes. Those that who will not be able or refuse to accept the light will be taken to the central sun.

Rob – Very good. One person ask how they can energetically break the control grid of a very manipulative, psychopathic, let’s say Archon controlled person who’s trying to block them from others – is there any special exercise or tricks they can do when there is, let’s just say a very negative person trying to drain them of their energy.

COBRA – First remove yourself physically from the environment of that person. 2nd – There is a certain exercise – called #8 exercises you can find on internet which can cut the psychic ties to that person.

Rob – OK. I’m sure people will ask where is that #8 exercise is.

COBRA – You can distribute that to people.

Rob – Going forward – are there triangular ships called the TR3 in the hands of the Chimera.

COBRA – Yes they have some of those crafts and now they are not allowed to fly above 220 kilometers, which is about 104 miles because they would be confiscated by the light forces. They have limited access and abilities to those triangular craft. They can fly through the stratosphere as of now, but that will change very shortly. They will not be abel to use that any more what-so-ever very shortly.

Rob – Very good news. I’ve known they’ve still had that and I was wondering what their limitations are. It’s good to know they are kept in a limited orbit there.   Are there any Cabal bases still operating within our solar system.

COBRA – All the cabal bases have been cleared from the solar system, entirely from Mars, from moon, from asteroid belt. They are gone.

Rob – Someone asked: you mentioned there are many positive light force bases being prepared within the system. How long does it take to make a light base by the GFL?

COBRA – A few days at the maximum.

Rob – Wow, very good. What type of operations will be going on from those bases.

COBRA – It depends on the time frame. Right now one of the major operations is removing the Chimera group.

Rob – OK. A few months back you took a poll as to how many people are ready for the event. When the event is supposed to happen when it’s supposed to happen – was that the purpose of that poll and what was achieved out of that?

COBRA – The purpose of that poll was to determine the opinion of the surface population to the event itself and of course it was very important because human free will has to be respected. Actually the result of that poll gave a certain green light for certain actions of the light forces, especially the removal of the chimera group. This has speed up the process quite dramatically. It’s actually running very fast. We are removing 25,000 years of control 25,00 years of layers upon layers of cabal networks.

Rob – Thank you. Is it true that the higher realms don’t have a free will like we have on earth? Is it different?

COBRA – It is not true. Everybody has free will in this universe.

Rob – Thank you. There are star seeds incarnating to help with the ascension process. Except from the physical Archons, cabal and Chrimera group are there also beings incarnated who came here to block the evolution of common people just to block the good influence wherever they can.

COBRA – The groups that you named are the ones blocking the evolution.

Rob – Are there any positive reptilians and I guess everyone wants to think of this as certain beings that have a certain look and they want to hear your answer. Are there any positive reptilian groups? What is the process of those beings that have been liberated form the dark side and are receiving healing. Can you speak a little about what is happening to them? What are they doing now?

COBRA – Is there is a small percentage of the reptilian race that have accepted the light and are now working together with the light forces. They have their own planets also in this sector of the galaxy. There are some planets who are dedicated to those reptilian forces and those beings. Those beings are now developing their higher emotional body. They are developing positive emotions under the alliance of the light forces.

Rob – Thank you very much. I have a question regarding Orion. You mentioned some of the negative Archon stronghold use to be in the Orion and Regale system. It’s also stated in many ancient text and according to J.J. Hurtak some of the regions of pure light and powerful forces of creation actually emanated from the Orion system. Is that correct as well.

COBRA – That is correct. Orion is a very big constellation. The distance between stars and the orion system can be 10 or even hundreds of light years and one segment of the Orion constellation belongs only to the light forces. Now the whole sector of the Orion has been liberated and light forces are everywhere in the Orion system.

Rob – OK. So there is no more dark forces in the Orion system now.

COBRA – No, no, not any more.

Rob – Did the original human beings that have the12 DNA stands come from Lyria or – did they come form the Vegan star system.

COBRA – The answer is no.

Rob – Is the Annunaki as they’re talked about, whether the story is true or not, did they alter the 12 stand DNA and mix the human DNA with the monkey to create a hominoid species that became the 2 strand of DNA of humans?

COBRA – That is not exactly what happened. But yes, there was a lot of genetic manipulation taking place with the purpose of shutting off the higher contact of human beings to keep them controlled. What is described is not exactly what happened.

Rob – Right, I understand that. Number 3 here in this particular question. Is the Ego actually what we know as the reptilian brain.

COBRA – It is not exactly the same. Actually the whole concept of ego is ? of creation. People can just forget about the whole concept and just focus on expressing who they are. Forget about the whole concept. That would be my suggestion.

Rob – Yea, I would say that’s a good point. Focus on the light and love that you are. You are an embodiment of Love. The book Urantia book called the ego – “that which maintains it’s identity in the face of change.” That is your uniqueness, your “I am presence”. Your own self spirit your own spark of the creator.   Here’s another question – Is Lucifer a prime creator (NO) OK. Here’s another good question, which some people have talked about, and this has some mis-misunderstandings of ascension. I think you can clear this up. What about the view that an ascended being going into ascension as serving yourself and not serving others.

COBRA – OK. Ascension is liberation from space/time continuum. It’s beyond all mind concept or ? what. It’s simply living and radiating love and light.

Rob – Clearly and it’s an eternal process folks, ascension is constant even if we’re going backwards or stuck where we are now. No matter what in the long scheme of things on the graft, there’s always ascension, a movement forward into greater and greater experience of love and light no matter where you go in the universe.   What is the logos, the sub logos, proti and Metatron.

COBRA – There are beings on a galactic level who have emanated from levels beyond the galactic central sun that are actually guiding the evolution of certain stars and star systems, star clusters and those are the beings who are monitoring the evolution of various sectors of the galaxy. I would say they are angels in a very high state of evolvement.

Rob – OK. Would you agree that in the ancient text that the Nephelim were a mixture between angels and humans and God had not allowed this to happen and that’s why the angels who did that had to go through much pain and sorrow.

COBRA – No, I would not agree with that. It’s a . . I would say, a fabricated story, I would say a doctored story. It is true there were many star races that came to this planet, some good, some of them were not so good. It’s true that they interacted with humanity but it’s not . . . the way it’s described has been doctored in a way it’s described from a ___?point of view.   Actually it’s integration an evolution process in direction of many different races with humanity. Interaction of positive races has actually assisted humanity in speeding up the evolution of humanity. Interaction with not so positive races has slowed down the evolution of humanity. It’s a very complex process that happened for many thousands of years.

Rob – Thank you. You can read the Keys of Enoch by J J Hurtak and there’s lots of information on that type of thing. I want to ask you In addition to that question, Cobra, we have these multi-dimension or various light beings. Have they had conjugal relations and physical interactions as far as creating humans on the earth.

COBRA – I would not say the majority of star races did not interact directly with humanity, but yes, some of them did.

Rob – Some of them are space earth women, or space earth men had physical relations with people ( yes, yes). OK, good, very good. Someone would like you to talk a little bit more of Osiris, Ra and Thoth. If you can give us a true historical story there of that time and if these beings are all-positive or was one of them a dark force or more of them. What actually happened there?

COBRA – Those stories are a collective memory of the time of Atlantis when those beings were actually human beings, or hero’s or anti-hero’s who were walking on the surface of the earth. Most of them were of a positive nature. Osiris, Thoth, Ra and Isis were of the light. Then we have the negative nature -We have Set who was the leader of the dark forces in that period of time. Those are all beings from different star systems. Some of them were coming from Sirius, some of them were coming Orion and some were coming from Pleiades. Hathor came from the Pleiades. She was a goddess of light. They were living in the collective memory of the Egyptian people simply because Egypt was a colony of Atlantis before the deluge and people in Egypt had a collective memory of those times.

Rob – OK. Can you talk a little bit more about Lumeria and Atlantis. What was the process there. Why were they invaded and why weren’t they able to defend themselves. How did such a high civilization come into conflict with Lumeria. How were they destroyed.

COBRA – Lumeria was existing far before Atlantis. There was no war between Lumeria and Atlantis. People don’t have those facts straight. It was a long time ago and memory has been diminished. Atlantis what has happened is that the dark forces came from Orion and humanity and the beings living in Atlantis gave permission, they agreed to invite them and they were curious to experience darkness simply out of un experience. It was not a wise choice because of that period of Atlantis. There was a lot of mind programming, experimenting with mind control which led to the final fall of man. It lead toward the quarantine of this planet.

Rob – There was also some genetic trans-species experiments going on.   Is that correct. (Yes, that is correct.) Thank you. Some people are saying that people that have mis-used the power in Atlantian times and that’s why people are afraid of power and this whole system is a repeat of the Atlantian situation. Is this our chance to, again the person was thinking of karma and it works like we have fix that situation and of course we have to learn.

COBRA – I would not completely agree. Yes there are similarities with the situation in Atlantis but it’s a new story. It’s not going to end like Atlantis. People have this collective memory of cataclysm and it’s not going to happen again. Yes, there are certain beings that have the same rules, for example the leaders of the cabal were the leaders of the cabal then, but now as a collective we have much more power to change the outcome. It’s not about karma it’s about free will. It’s about our decision, our collective decision and it’s also about a cosmic change of the new golden age and the re-structuring of this sector of the galaxy that will improve this planet and will liberate this planet.

Rob – Very good. I have 1 or 2 more questions here then I’ll let you go. Someone asked a question in regards to the clearing influence of the etheric plane. You mentioned things were moving along. They wanted to know how much more is there to be done before it’s safe. Does the RM think still think it’s safe to do the event before the non-physical planes are cleared or has that changed.

COBRA – It is possible that the event will happen before they are cleared. It depends on the situation. If we have a drastic emergency on the surface of the planet like a major planetary war happening the event can be triggered before the non physical planes are cleared.   It’s a tactical decision that will be made in the situation itself. But the progress of the clearing of the etheric plane has not progressed enough to say it’s safe because it’s not yet.

Rob – Some people are talking about June 22 has some sort of a false flag intention situation cooked up by the cabal. Is it possible that there is any plans along those lines. I wanted to ask personally along those lines a more general question. Will there be any more major false flags allowed by the RM like the 3-11, 9-11 – some of the major, I’m not talking a school yard shooting, I’m talking about a major earth shattering huge event by the cabal. Will they allow that to happen anymore?

COBRA – It’s not likely that a major false flag would happen. I would say that any kind of prediction when a false flag would happen are . .   It’s Just guessing – they have no solid evidence for that particular date.

Rob – OK. Someone wanted to know – is this your first planetary liberation process that you’ve been involved in or have you taken part in others, other lives and other planets.

COBRA – It’s not the first one but it’s definitely the last one.

Rob – (laugh) That’s a good one. I guess I’m going to have 1 more question here, maybe 2. One here is what are we going to do after ascension and how long in your personal guesstimate right now, no one will hold you to a time clock. How long would you say until the planet will have made it’s ascension. Is there a final dead-line point.

COBRA – OK. I will not go into details of the ascension process. We have a 50 year time frame between 1975 and 2025 and we’re within this window when the planetary liberation is supposed to happen.

Rob – OK, 2 more questions. Is there an expiration date for the event.

COBRA – I would not say an expiration date but there is a certain time window when the event is more likely and when it is supposed and planned to happen. We’re within that time window now.

Rob – OK. Is it possible, after we achieve liberation that the human free will will make a wrong turn and something negative could happen here as far as the dark force.

COBRA – NO, because darkness will not be allowed to exist any more.

Rob – OK. So there is another interesting thing a person said – some of these ancient Indian things and certain people spiritualist have said – after this current process there will be prosperity for 1,000 years. So clearly It’s going to be a permanent thing that were re-writing and understanding the true history of the earth and that the liberation of the earth will be permanent and there will be no longer lack of prosperity.   We’ll be in a completely different frequency. Correct?

COBRA – Yes, it will be a permanent and irreversible process when we are liberated. We will never be slaves again. It’s not going to happen.

Rob – That’s very positive and good news Cobra. Again – a wonderful interview. I thank you so much for your time. You’ve answered a lot of questions for a lot of people. Not everyone got their questions answered here but we’ll save some of them for the next time. Again, I thank you very much for coming on here. It’s been an honor to have you here. Thank you Cobra.

COBRA – Thank you everybody for listening and thank you Rob for organizing this.

Rob – It’s been my pleasure to do every month and victory to the light. Check out Cobra’s website – find his link on my web-site is loud and proud on the side bar as well as We hope you become involved there. Do realize that we have great conferences, both Cobra and I for those of you that like to gather in sacred sites with others and send your invocations of love and light into the planet. Thank you very much for all of you for listening. This audio transcript will come out a day or two before the written transcription. Shortly after you’ll See the wonderful youtube available. Thank you very much and Victory to the Light to you all. Thank you Cobra

COBRA – Thank you. Good bye.

I hope you all enjoyed that interview with Cobra. I’d like to remind you all to sign up for my wonderful blog and newsletter at as well as Keep those questions coming for Cobra. If you have any questions for me, I will actually be answering some questions on my radio show as well.

In the meantime here is another present and gift from the talented Rique . This song is entitled: Out there. Thank you Rique, Thank you Cobra, Thank you members and

Victory to the Light.

Rob Potter


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