The “Benjamin Fulford and his Amazing Clone” Story: A Comment and Response at David Wilcock’s site…

2-27-12 David Wilcock Comment on Ben’s Latest Post (and a “Leowanta” response to that)… (and My Response, too!)

3-27-12 Video Announcement by Benjamin Fulford [and MP3]

3-28-12 David Wilcock Interview of Drake, “an Insider specifically asked by the Pentagon ‘good guys’ to come forward”

4-1-12 More Information from Drake and Company… MP3s

Ben Fulford Alleged to Have Been Rescued from Montserrat Torture

Benjamin Fulford 3-13-12…”It is time to storm the Bastille, vive la revolution”… “Satan has left the Building (Universe)”

Bob Dean Tells it Like it Is…Our Future is Glorious! (mp3)

3-7-12 A “Benjamin Fulford Cut and Paste” from Ben’s Typepad Blog

Benjamin Fulford 3-6-12 Interview on American Freedom Radio MP3s

Benjamin Fulford on Strange Universe Radio with Sean David Morton – March 6th, 2012

Benjamin Fulford on WorkersRadioSydney 2-29-12, Videos and MP3s


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