We are close


Dear Friends,

You may wonder what is going on at the present moment in your time illusion structure. We are not belittling the time element, but we note that you are learning to live far beyond it. What we can also say is that there are many many many many many many many (that’s seven) “tourists” in your world at this time. These are tourists that have come by to observe this magnificent process on this magnificent planet, the process often called “Ascension”.

However, these “tourists” come here with the condition that, a) no interference in your affairs, and b) they must contribute the Highest Divine Light, which must be inputted by these ones while here. So these are only observers, in some ways. Although they participate with their input of the Highest Divine Light. Others from other regions are here with you in a more direct participatory way, and are sometimes above, sometimes within, your planet, sometimes they take Hue-man form that most recognize as such.

Observers play a unique role which assists all of you on the planet who read this, by inputting their Light contribution, as well as observing this particular “Ascension Show of the Ages”. This is brand new for them, and they wish to utilize the process with other worlds in other galaxies, if (although there is no “if”) it succeeds. More clearly, they wish to see “how” it succeeds, and learn from it. This is their school less for their Universe, at this particular time period (although they are out of the time experiment, and need it not).

The reason we inform you of this is that you will likely experience moments of “Divine” lightheadedness at many points during the period of this next 6 months. For some it may be less, for some, more. This Light is intended to work with each of you to clear any remaining areas within yourselves of resistance to the Ascension process. Some of you have more, some have less, but it does not matter. It will all be cleared by year’s end. Now since we are not in time, where we are, the dates are somewhat flexible, and really mean little, but know that you are being rewired, cleaned out, cleared up, and cleaned out, and thus lifted up. Remember this is partially on your created 3D frame, but includes all levels of your Being, and all levels of consciousness, and all groups, and all planets in this system (Solar System, you call it).

You may thank these “Observer Beings” a,d groups that are here right now, at any time you feel the desire to. And this awakening communication, awakening each of you to their presence, may be related to many of you who will be working on such levels, for such purposes, after the Ascension program on Earth and the Solar System is completed.

We thank you for being who you are.


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