Steve Beckow 对6月13日的解释

根据 Steve Beckow 说 6月13日的确是神圣期限. 不过是对于统治地球的黑暗势力而言的. 6月13日是黑暗势力自身初始大揭露的最后期限. 过了这期限后银河联邦就不需要再尊重黑暗势力的自由意志. 可以选择在之后任何适当的时候开始大揭露.

This accords with the Boss’s statement that we have passed the divine deadline for Disclosure. Passing the divine deadline means that the galactics can now choose the date for Disclosure without having to consider the free will of the cabal who oppose Disclosure. But it doesn’t mean, apparently, that the galactics have to act immediately. They still consider what is the most prudent course of action.


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