Tighten your seatbelt



This is CMAton of Nebadon, Your Sovereign, Sunday May 15th, 2011

As today you all have planned your groups meditation,what WE greatly appreciate for focussing your Inner Light, fused with the Higher Divine Charged Particles, you ones correctly call Waves, towards the core, the inner sun of Mother Earth, I also want to inform you of the following:

We have steadfast worked to keep Mother Earth as liveable and comfortable in this entire end faze as possible. All of our teams are ready to combine your heartfelt efforts with theirs to give Mother Earth-Shan THE BOOST she needs to shake loose the Inner Pressure while we remove(d) what has been hindering to the whole process the most. Eventually, but unpredictable imminent, Mother Earth will reach the tipping point before she can reach her Stillness and find Balance towards her BIG SHIFT OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

That means that all of you ON Earth willsee/feel/experience upheaval for which we have prepared you, Yet safeguarded you for long time as well. It is inevitable that great discomfort and unusual earth changes and strange noises and intensifying senses and parameters will accompany all of this since also the elements will step up their imbalance in all of this.

Preparation time is over, from Spiritual to physical. This is IT and I will not come to give you notice each time we see or expect things to give way, while some of you will be Guided appropriately. Now your own preparation will prove you ready and steady or not.

Take care of each other, nothing is impossible and when you finally start using your Divine Dormant Potentials, which should have been old new for all of you. Some of you will leave now, others will pull together, and some will come forward to help you. We find ourselves in those final moments WE ALL have been waiting for.

Use every skill you have in you, be resourceful BUT PULL TOGETHER and WE will meet at the promised finish line. Make every day a Blessed One, since you all possess all the tools for GREATNESS and many of you will make me proud in mustering the courage and looking for solutions that will even surprise yourselves. Theory is over, PRACTISE IS ON. Follow your Inner Guidance and our coordination will bring HOME this great enterprise. The Phoenix is Rising. Our Blessed be with you and strength to ALL: SOUND THE DRUMS.

I AM CMAton of Nebadon, your proud Sovereign


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