Sheldan Nidle 05-10 更新



Selamat Jarin! We return! The Ascended Masters continue to assert themselves on your world! Our Earth allies, with their divine help, are readying for the grand transformations that are shortly to follow. We are preparing our personnel for a more direct series of interactions with your new governments. These interactions include the formal disclosure process and a to-be-announced program of technology transfers from us to you. We are also assessing what is most urgently needed to sustain Mother Earth and her diverse ecosystems. A number of her life webs are now critical, and we have set up the preliminary means to resolve these dire situations. Examples of these are the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic. The unabated actions of your last dark cabal have substantially exacerbated the gravity of the conditions in these two regions, and there are others just as sensitive. We are ready to do our part in temporarily balancing Gaia. We are also putting the finishing touches to the initial presentations that our spokespersons are to make to you. These shocking announcements require the right blend of truth and sincerity.

Selamat Jarin! 我们回来了. 提升大师们继续将他们(的计划)扩展到你们的世界里! 拥有我们的地上(地球上)联盟的神圣支持, 大变革已经准备妥当而且很快就可开始实现. 我们的人员正准备与你们的新zf进行直接交接. 交接包括正式大揭露的实行步骤以及其他准备实施项目的技术向你们传递. 我们亦正在评估最哪里是地球母亲最需要支持以及她最需要修复的受到严重破坏的生态系统. 一系列的地球生命网正处于告急状态, 我们正在建立基本设施去修复这些严峻的状况. 可以举例的有墨西哥湾和北极. 剩余黑暗势力的持续活动使这两个区域以及其他相类似脆弱的地方的情况严重恶化. 我们已经在我们能力范围内去暂时平行盖亚. 我们亦正在完成我们发言人宣布大揭露最后的收尾工作. 这个历史性的宣布需要真相与诚恳准确配合.

At the same time we are meeting with our Earth allies to decide where to put the last members of the dark cabal, and we have picked out several places where they can be kept during the trials that are to swiftly follow their mass arrests. This is being done to validate the legitimacy of the new caretaker governments. A large number of announcements will mark the first few days of these new administrations, among them, the revelation of vast, unreported funds which are to serve as a foundation for resolving governmental debt and for restoring many essential services, such as the education of your children. Other funds are to be used to modernize and prepare these regimes for the transfer of their secret technology to the public domain. In addition, there are huge debt-forgiveness programs and public-transparency policies to be instituted. A great deal of responsibility is to be handed to you. Be ready, dear Ones, to support these vital changes and help your societies in their push toward full consciousness.

与此同时我们也在与地上联盟商讨如何安置这些最后剩余的黑暗成员. 我们亦选定了数个地方去关押这些被大范拘捕之后等待审讯的黑暗成员. 这是为体现新的监护管制机构(ZF)的合法性. 在这些新管理机构开始运作的头几天会有大量的讯息公布. 其中,被公开的大量秘密财富会作为清理ZF债务以及恢复许多公共服务的基础, 例如教育系统. 其他资金将用于现代化,已及经将新体制拥有的秘密技术转变为为平民服务. 再加上会有巨大的债务免除项目已及公共透明化政策会被设立. 相当大的一部分的责任将会赋予每一个人. 亲爱的,请准备好去支持这些重要的转变去帮助你们的社会推向恢复全意.

Blessings! We are the Ascended Masters! We come today, dear brothers and sisters, to discuss some aspects of the new financial system that have not yet been talked about. First of all, let us look at the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China). Our Earth allies know the importance of these four to monetary reform and have secretly assigned them a series of key tasks. Brazil is a crucial nation for two reasons: first, it is essential that the Amazon Basin be restored to its former, ecologically fully functioning capacity; second, Brazil needs to provide a prosperous lifestyle for her large population. Monetary reform and debt forgiveness gives her the resources to accomplish both tasks. The same goes for India and China. Here, great spiritual legacies need preserving and billion-plus populations moved into a state of prosperity. Again, monetary reform and debt forgiveness will be the foundations upon which the new regimes can institute the policies addressing these colossal challenges. A great spiritual renaissance is to be centered here!

祝福你们! 我们是提升大师! 亲爱的兄弟姐妹们, 今天我们在这里讨论一下关于新金融系统中未提及到的地方. 首先讲一下 BIRC 国家(巴西,俄罗斯,印度,中国 英文开头缩写). 我们的地上联盟知道这4个国家对金融改革的重要性,已经秘密地安排他们一系列的重要任务. 巴西所以重要有2个原因: 第一, 十分必须将亚马逊盆地的生态系统恢复到它原有能力; 第二, 巴西需要对众多的国民提供富足生活. 金融改革以及债务免除给与巴西资源去完成这两项任务. 同样道理中国与印度亦一样. 在这里, 在数十亿人得到富足生活的同时大量灵性的承传也需要得到维持. 重新, 金融改革和债务免除会是新的社会制度设立新政策以及开展这些重大改变的基础. 巨大的灵性复兴会是变革的中心.

This brings us to Russia. Russia has been instrumental in forging new monetary policy for Europe. Her vast gold reserves and geographic position (sitting astride both the Urals and the Caucasus) give her a special role to play as a major mediator in bringing this new monetary program into being. We have worked with her in positioning several major gold depositories and in protecting them from harm. In addition, we have used the special energies of the outer Caucasus region to protect the rest of our global gold depository system from destruction by the dark. These activities have been made possible by a special group that we have been encouraging over time inside Russia. This group is destined to form special caretaker governance with the wholehearted assistance of our Earth allies. Russia is using her new economic position in the world to assist the other BRIC nations in their drive to enlist others to adopt a new global monetary system.

讲到俄罗斯. 俄罗斯是个重要的国家去锻造欧洲的新金融政策. 她的大量黄金储备及地理位置(处于横跨乌拉尔和高加索地区)授予她作为新金融政策启动时的主要调停者. 我们与她一起就位去保护数个黄金储存库. 再者, 我们使用高加索外围地区的特别能量去保护我们余下散布全球的黄金存储系统受所到黑暗势力破坏. 我们的这些行动由我们在俄罗斯多年以来物识到的特别组织执行. 这些组织受命于真心协力去帮助我们的地上联盟特别的监护管制机构. 俄罗斯正运用她新的经济地位去引导其他BIRC国家加入接纳这个新的全球金融系统.

Progress toward regime change continues, my brothers and sisters! We are overseeing the last series of legal hoops. These include: a massive signing-on to the new economic system by a majority of nations that agree with the formal BRIC nations’ proposals; and, the completion of documents setting in motion a ‘changing-of-the-guard’ in a number of nations. These final legal documents contain the provisions to end the long rule of the US Corporation and to return America to her original constitutional governance. These developments dovetail with the last detailed accounting of your prosperity funds. The goal is to bring both processes to completion concurrently. Then we can conclude the final step of our prosperity programs and begin, together with the Galactic Federation, to ready the new governments for disclosure. Then our task is to inform you fully about the next steps on your divine march to full consciousness.

兄弟姐妹们! 改变社会制度的努力在继续. 我们正在监视最新一轮的政权转变. 这些包括: 大量的国家签署参加新金融系统,其中很多都接受正式的BIRC国家计划; 以及在数个国家中完成相关文件去开始”转换监护人”(这里应该指转换ZF). 这些最终的法律文件包括相关法令指引去结束美国ZF的长期统治, 已及交还国家到原本宪法的管治. 这些行动将与你们财富资金的发放相配合. 我们的目标是可以使两方面同时进行互相配合去完成. 然后我们可以完成最后一步的财富(分配)计划, 与银河联邦一起,让新ZF准备好大揭露. 之后我们的任务会是知会你们回归全意识的神圣道路的下一步.

Your march to full consciousness has been our prime mission over the millennia. All of us have, in our own unique ways, concerned ourselves daily with humanity’s spiritual enlightenment. We have used the good offices of Gaia’s Spiritual Hierarchy to spread the wisdom and knowledge that you require to advance in consciousness. Our messages and guidance are making you day by day more aware of who you really are. Your advance in consciousness is a necessary preliminary to what is next planned for you by Heaven. In Agartha lies your final destination. Here, the well-trained, personal mentor assigned to you by the Galactic Federation and by Heaven is to merge you back into full consciousness. Then we will greet you and welcome you to our midst! We, all of us, have the responsibility of specific tasks to maintain Gaia and to spread the Light throughout Creation!

(帮助)你们的努力历程去回归全意识是我们数千年来的的主要任务. 我们所有的成员都有各种独特的方法, 为人类达到灵性启蒙作每一日的努力. 我们使用盖亚完善的灵性层次体系去散播你们提升意识所需要的智慧和知识. 我们的信息和指导使你们更清楚你的真实身份. 你们意识的提高是认识天堂为你们准备下一步计划的基础. 在 Agartha (地心世界的一个大城市) 有你们的目的地. 在这里, 天堂与银河系联邦为你配备训练有素的私人导师会指导你回归全意识. 然后我们可以欢迎和为你庆祝你和我们回到一起! 我们的全体成员, 都有各自的任务去维护盖亚以及在天地万物中散播光明!

The First Contact mission has been concentrating on Mother Earth. We have been monitoring, especially, the ever-increasing number of seaquakes in the southern Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. These quakes are beginning to alter the traditional ab- and subduction patterns of the South Pacific, Central Indian, and mid-Atlantic Ocean plates. This most certainly portends that major quakes are to happen shortly either near Asia or in the North Pacific Basin. A series of deep resonances of a specific type are echoing through these regions. We are working with several interested parties to scale down what now promise to be truly colossal shakes and some massive long-traveling tsunamis. These phenomena are merely Gaia’s warning that all of you need to wake up and become conscious of the dawning of a new era.

第一次接触这项任务被集中在地球母亲身上. 我们正在监视, 特别是位于南太平洋,大西洋, 印度洋不断增加的海底地震. 这些地震开始改变南太平洋,中印度洋, 中大西洋海洋板块 AB 俯冲带的旧有结构. 这预示大地震会很快发生于亚洲或或北太平洋盆地附近. 一系列的深层震动会在这些区域回荡. 我们正在与有关方面一起降低一些难以避免的剧烈摇晃,以及巨大的长距离海啸. 这些现象是盖亚对世人的警告, 提醒人们对新世纪来临的觉醒.

Do what is necessary to prepare and accept that you are not alone! Accept that we are here and ready to disclose a number of vital facts to you. The Ascended Masters are nearly ready to change your reality in the twinkling of an eye! This new world is about consciousness, and about bringing in the galaxy to finally greet you and compliment you on the New You! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

去准备做接受你们不是孤独的(唯一存在的)! 接受我们将要对你们揭示一系列的事实. 提升大师们将会在眨眼之间就会准备好改变你们的世界! 这新世界将会是有关于意识(的提升), 整个银河系都会祝贺你脱变到新的你而庆贺! 亲爱的人们,要知道天堂无尽的供给与快乐真正属于你们! 努力吧! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (天狼星语:成为一体和沉浸于喜悦!)



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