New ‘Windows Live Search’

Microsoft has released a preview version of what will eventually become the flagship search engine for the Redmond Washington based software giant. Windows Live Search is the cornerstone of Microsoft’s new "Live" campaign, which aims to unite all the companies’ web services under a single banner.
"With expected delivery in 2006, Windows Live Search will deliver powerful and personal search services that help consumers find what they are looking for on the Web, their desktop, their mobile device or in their local geographic area, such as instant answers, documents, pictures, multimedia content, local information and immersive maps. Windows Live Search will be a core element of the overall Windows Live experience, powering compelling scenarios across the Windows Live services."
The new search engine is concentrating on producing relevant information to the user, while providing applicable local search results the user might find informative. The preview also demonstrates Microsoft’s brand new image and video search, which is no longer based on licensed technology provided by Picsearch of Sweden. Live Search has been integrated into an improved site since March 8th, and is scheduled to ‘go live’ sometime this summer.

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