Apple Shuts Down Maxxuss? — Yes

It appears that Apple may have gotten to Maxxuss, the hacker made famous for his flagrant cracks and patches of Mac OS X for Intel. A visit to his website reveals that his site has been shutdown by his host, the cause of which we do not know at this time. 

Apple has made serious moves in the past week to cut down on the pirating of OS X 10.4.4 (as evidenced by the DMCA notice sent to this site). We’re not sure if this is the case or if it’s simply a bandwidth usage issue (something that’s never happened before to our knowledge).The recently-increased legal pressure from Apple does raise questions about whether this type of work will simply move underground as Apple becomes more litigious.

Is it actually just a lack of bandwidth? Is this Apple’s move? Will he resurface? Only time well tell, but the odds (and Apple’s legal team) are not necessarily for him. We’ll have more news as we get it.

this is a backup copy of maxxuss’s web page for 10.4.4, please do not use on any comerical purpose
he is banned by the web host, but he is still alive, check out here or here for update
Patch Solution v1.0:

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