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Jobs left arguably the best bits till the end of the keynote, so we’ve brought them forwards. Apple discussed their work with Intel, and said that thanks to Intel’s hard work, the company had stayed on track with their goal of shipping Intel chip powered products. The first device to be powered by Intel will be the iMac. All other devices currently on the PPC platform will be converted to Intel by the end of the year. The new iMac comes with a built in iSight, as well as front row. However, it keeps the same design as well as the same size (17", 20" screen). Powered by dual core Intel chips, Jobs claims the iMac will be 2-3 times faster than existing models. Existing software is being transferred across (see below), with programs such as Office running well under Rosetta (universal binaries coming soon, free update), and programs such as Quark running as universal binaries. Microsoft, incidentally, have committed to supply Office for Mac users for the next five years at least.

Apple are launching today the Macbook Pro, a brand new laptop powered by a dual-core Intel chip. The Macbok Pro solves the heat issue that Apple had trying to get a G5 chip into a Powerbook. Slightly thinner than an existing Powerbook, the Macbook Pro will feature 15.4" screen ("as bright as the Cinema Display units), an iSight camera, and will run 4-5x faster than the Powerbook. It also features a IR sensor for the recently released remote control units. A rather novel magnetic power cord (in terms of the attachment mechanism) called MagSafe is also included, perhaps meaning an end to yanking laptops off tables. The Macbook Pro will ship in February, but Apple will be taking orders from today. Priced at $1999 and $2499 for 1.67GHz and 1.83GHz respectivly, they come with an ATi Radeon X1600, Airport Extreme and Bluetooth, 4x Superdrive, 512MB/ 1Gb RAM and 80Gb / 100Gb Harddrives. It weighs 5.6 pounds and comes with features previously seen on the Powerbook, like the backlight sensor, and DVI out for 30" displays.

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MacBook Pro

iLife 06

iWork 06


iPod Radio Remote


Macworld keynote 06 webcast


>how about get a mac and a pc hardware at the same time


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