Maxxuss Tuning pkg for OSX 10.4.3 8F1111(A) x86 [unstable]

update: this version could cause boot faulture on some systems. Maxxuss has star to adress this issue.
go to froum for more update
Maxxuss Tuning Package v1.0

This page contains patches, tools, tips, and background information for tuning a 10.4.3 8F1111 or 8F1111A system for speed with a focus on better UI experience. Tuning for speed is a necessity if you want to run 8F1111(A) with VMWare or a less powerful notebook, and especially if you run PPC-native (non-universal) Mac software through Rosetta.

The first release of the Maxxuss Tuning Package consists of two components which are explained below:

  • Maxxuss CoreGraphics Patch
  • Maxxuss KernelCtrl

Maxxuss CoreGraphics Patch

The patch optimizes CoreGraphics’ memory usage in order to speed up GUI display updates. This is achieved by largely reducing the number of required kernel invocations at the expense of a pre-allocated 16 MB buffer. The speed-up effect is experienced e.g. when moving, resizing or scrolling windows, or with windows that contain changing contents, like web browsers. Technical details are discussed in the next section.

Maxxuss KernelCtrl

This package component provides access to relevant kernel variables and useful kernel information.

Download: (3.7MB)
dicuss in here & here

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