Hacked OSx86 Updated to 10.4.3!

This update is not a 100% 10.4.3 compare to an Apple’s offical release. The package is created by the newer file of 10.4.3; it does a over wirte installaion. Partical feature of 10.4.3 are enabled, and 10~30% gain in system performance depens on difference machince.

However, minor bugs/ unstablity also found in this update, like error on flash player in safari, finder crashs, sound problem… Not every system would have this, it’s about luck. 

It is recommended to repair system disk permission befroe and after the update installation.
The creative OSx86 hacking community has created another release, this time to update existing 10.4.1 installations to many of the new features introduced in 10.4.3.  Sources indicate that the new security features implemented in 10.4.3 have prevented a full release and that this update is in lieu of that release.

This packaged, dubbed a "10.4.1 Update", reportedly installs many of the 10.4.3 files including an updated Safari & Webkit, the x86 unibin of Flash, a Quicktime 7.0.4 patch and other speed enhancements. 

As of this writing, the 600 mb torrent was being actively seeded and had been posted to the usual suspects.

download the update package via Bit torrent (see for http://riceness.net/ detail)


Highlights are:

  1. tun/tap Driver
  2. x86 Flash Plugin
  3. Updated Safari + Webkit
  4. All new Frameworks w/ SIMD optimizations
  5. Quicktime 7.0.4 x86 complete
  6. 10.4.1 Kernel with 10.4.2 exec patch
  7. SDL FAT Frameworks
  8. Growl x86 Frameworks
  9. Improved GUI responsiveness for those without QE

Instructions: Download the .tar, unpackage, and open the .pkg file with Installer.app (or just double click it) in OSx86. Please, don’t try this in OS X PPC.

If you wish, check the .tar file’s md5: 979a171dbbbc6a15c65f9898af62e973


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