Cracking open the iPod Nano

The Japanese website PC Watch has an iPod nano pulled apart so you can see what these things are made of. The link has been translated, but the article consists mainly of step by step photos so those of you to lazy to use a translation service will be fine. Speaking of lazy, if you’d rather just kick back and WATCH a review, head on over to Kevin Rose’s website and download one of the movies of him taking an iPod nano apart.

One thought on “Cracking open the iPod Nano

  1. hey,
    cool stuff. now, I am wondering if it is possible to extend the screen from the nano. -i.e. connect some extra wire between the nano and the screen cause I want it to be seperate as a cool nano mod. Thinking of making a badge out of the screen so I can pin it on my jacket.
    do you think it is possible? will there be electrical interferences if i extend it too much?
    wanna know!

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