Apple Announcements

At what Apple has called "a special music event" Steve Jobs (Apple, CEO) has jumped on stage to announce a slew of new products.
iTunes 5: Available today the player that has 85% market share globally will come with a new refined look. Users will be able to organise folders of playlists, Sync with Microsoft Outlook for contacts/calendar, parental tags and album reviews amongst the many new features.

iTunes phone: Available in the US today with Cingular and due to hit globally by the end of September the iTunes Phone (Motorola ROKR) features an iTunes client inside. The phone has quad band GSM, camera, 100 song capacity and instant access to iTunes.

Harry Potter iPod: Available today the latest addition to the iPod family is the "potter pod". The iPod has the crest engraved on the back and Apple are exclusively distributing Harry Potter audio books via the iTunes Music Store.

iPod nano: Available today Jobs has announced a new flash based iPod Mini. The iPod nanois equiped with a color display and can support photos, uses a grey click wheel, and is 80 percent smaller in volume than the original iPod. The new device is flash based and will plug-in to existing iPod accessories. The device will include a 14hr battery and will be released in a 4GB version ($249) and a 2GB version ($199).

iTunes 5: a new refined look

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