Generic OSx86 Install DVD Patcher version Release1

the change:
the relevant kext information included/not included in this patcher, bender notes this in the Installation but it’s repeated here for clarity:

"Extensions that were taken from the Darwin 8 CD that are installed:
AppleAC97Audio.kext (And all PlugIns)
ApplePS2Controller.kext (And all PlugIns)
AppleGenericPCATA.kext (Gets put under IOATAFamily.kext)
AppleOnboardPCATA.kext (Gets put under IOATAFamily.kext)
AppleVIAATA.kext (Gets put under IOATAFamily.kext)
AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext – Just the Info.plist from Darwin. (Gets put under IOATAFamily.kext)

This package also moves known bad extensions that are causing issues to: /System/Library/Extensions.disabled

These include:
ATI* (All of the ATI drivers – they don’t work)
NVDA* (All of the Nvidia Drivers – they don’t work)
GeForce* (More Nvidia drivers)
AppleFPMemDriver.kext – Seems to lock up USB Mouse/Keyboard
If you want to put these back after install, just drag them into /System/Library/Extensions"

The original DVD ISO torrent "Apple.OS.X.x86.Developer.Kit.Install.DVD-deadmoo":

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