Build Your Own Mac for $199

One user, CEpeep, shopped around and found everything you’d need to build your own Intel Mac for under $200 – no rebates, no refurbs.  Sure, the case is a little ghetto, it’s only got a 20 gig hard drive, and it’s no Millennium Falcon in terms of speed, but it runs Quartz Extreme and everything else that Tiger x86 requires. Most of us could actually build one for less with a few spare parts we have lying around. Well, ok. Lying everywhere.

The list:
Case – $9.95
Motherboard – $52.99
Processor – $60.77
2x 256 RAM – $38.00
20 Gigabyte HD – $25.95
DVD Drive – $12.00

more on

great for me Motherboard – $52.99


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