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Generic OSx86 Install DVD Patcher v.3 (aka "test3)

DISCLAIMER #1: THIS IS A TEST RELEASE and we’re looking for feedback on as
many different machines as possible to work out any kinks or issues that may
pop up. We would love to get feedback from as many people as possible and even
copies of your install.log for bug fixes/resolvement.

DISCLAIMER #2: THIS IS A TEST RELEASE that may or may not work for you at all,
or you might have 100% success. We’re not responsible for you pooching your
machine if you try this and don’t know what you’re doing or make a mistake.

The first time I did it I ended up almost losing 20GB of valuable data for me
because the Disk Utility application for creating/partitioning decided to
rewrite my *ENTIRE* partition table instead of just modifying it to accomodate
the 10GB partition I created for OSx86. So be warned: if you hose your system,
don’t come crying to us. ‘Nuff said.

DISCLAIMER #3: THIS IS A TEST RELEASE so hardware incompatibilities and non
loading kexts or whatever are already a known issue for us. The point of
releasing this in its current form is that it works for us and we’re looking for
more testers. This is sure to create a shitstorm of activity in the OSx86
community so please, don’t come down on us because your Audigy doesn’t work or
your ATI X800 card doesn’t have QE enabled.

Shit doesn’t work yet, it’s really that simple. But this generic install DVD
*does* install. We just need people to tell us what does and doesn’t work after
it’s installed. Got it? 🙂

The email address for reports is: generic.dvd.install @

So don’t leave us hanging. 🙂

Ok, this is what everyone has been waiting for. A patch to make a generic OSx86
install DVD a reality.

I can’t take credit for this so don’t fire off a billion questions for how it
was done and what steps were taken. I don’t have a clue since the person that
*did* create this patch-installer knows far more about this kind of hacking
stuff than I do.

So, here’s the first rule:

Don’t hunt me down asking questions about how "I" did this, what methods "I"
used to get past the DMProxy/ATSServer Persistent Store errors or any others,

Basically don’t hunt me down at all because I really can’t answer your questions
in that respect. The man that deserves all the credit for this is:

bender12, and while I’m sure he’ll appreciate any kinds words of appreciation,
hammering him with questions might just get you ignored. Sorry it has to be this
way, but until he/I/we get more info about more platforms and a larger base of
installations to work with, we’re not going to be doing a lot of support. It
either works for you or it doesn’t; either way we’d like to know.

On to the installation instructions:


== SSE2 *OR* SSE3 processor == please note this aspect before continuing on.
Upon installing the software, choose Custom install and if you have an SSE2
processor leave the SSE2 Hacks enabled; if you have an SSE3 processor just
uncheck the SSE2 Hacks box and the proper patches will be applied for your CPU
and its capabilities. As far as hardware goes, the more variety the better.
Intel, AMD, etc etc… whatever you can install it on will help to improve it
and make the generic portions better (we hope). So keep us posted at the email
address above, please.

== The Marklar-Tiger.dmg file or the Marklar-Tiger.iso file == If you have the
.dmg (the original file distributed a few weeks ago), then you can use UltraISO
to convert it to .iso format because that’s what this patch will be applied to.
It’s the original Developer Transition Kit DVD that’s floating around now. No,
we won’t tell you where to get it, you’re on your own in that respect.

== The patches and files included in this archive == This READ_ME_FIRST.txt file
along with the other files are all you need other than the Marklar-Tiger file
noted above.


Step 1

If you have the Marklar-Tiger.dmg file as noted above, you’re going to have to
use UltraISO to convert it to an ISO format file, standard .iso extension. Takes
a few minutes on most machines. Get UltraISO at, install it,
then run it. Choose Tools – Convert and click the "…" to browse for the
Marklar-Tiger.dmg file. Select it, click OK, and then you’ll need to specify the
target filename. The .dmg file is roughly 2.6GB but the .iso will be 4GB almost
on the nose when the conversion is complete so make sure you have ample drive
space to accomodate these files.

Step 2

Extract the Generic_OSx86_Install_DVD_Patcher_test3.rar file into it’s own
directory. Inside that archive are:

– The Bender-Marklar-Tiger-patch-Test3.ppf (this is the actual binary patch file
so be careful with it)
– PPF-O-Matic, the application used to apply the binary patch against the
Marklar-Tiger.iso file you just created with UltraISO (or already had, maybe)
– A Windows-based md5 verification tool. If you’re using Linux you’re on your
own in that respect since I don’t have enough experience using md5 checksums and
creators under Linux, sorry. Besides, if you run Linux you *should* already know
how to do that stuff, right? 🙂
– This READ_ME_FIRST.txt file. So read it several times if necessary.

Once the files are extracted to their own directory, I would STRONGLY suggest
you run the md5_Summer program to calculate an md5 checksum from your Marklar
Tiger.iso file. If the md5 doesn’t match, the entire patching process will fail
no matter what you do. Consider yourselves warned.

The md5 for the Marklar-Tiger.iso file is:


If that checksum matches the checksum generated by md5_Summer against your
Marklar-Tiger.iso you’re all set.

Step 3

Run the ppf-o-matic3.exe file and on the screen that appears, locate your
Marklar-Tiger.iso file where requested.

Then load the Bender-Marklar-Tiger-patch-Test3.ppf in and it’ll give you some
notes before you apply the patch. I STRONGLY suggest (I do that STRONGLY suggest
thing a lot, it comes from experience when dealing with this kind of stuff) that
you read those notes. bender12 wrote them for a reason and I’ve basically
repeated them here for Pete’s Sake. Read his notes also before proceeding.

PLEASE NOTE: One little bug in his notes there are that SSE3 isn’t capable when
actually it is. As noted above, if you have an SSE3 processor and you choose the
Custom installation method, just uncheck the SSE2 Hacks box and the proper SSE3
support will be enabled. Simple.

Once you’re ready to rock, click Apply and wait for the patch to be applied.
When it’s done, move on to…

Step 4

When the patch is applied PPF-O-Matic will inform you what to do. Basically,
burn that sucker and install OSx86 nice and clean. You’re on your own from here
on out. Please pay careful attention to the way OSx86 installs – it needs
someplace to be installed do obviously so if you don’t have the partitions set
up or you’re not installing clean to a totally blank hard drive (and why aren’t
you? It’s the best possible method, you know) then you stand a chance of wiping
out necessary partition information – you could end up almost losing data as I

/me thanks some higher power for True Image and Easy Recovery… I recovered

That pretty much does it for this version of the READ_ME_FIRST.txt file. Future
versions of the patch may refine the installation, improve the speed issues (if
you even notice them), fix hardware incompatibilities and other things.

But we won’t get far without bug/issue reports from you fine folks that are
taking a chance on this patch and letting us know the results.

If needed, you can find bender12 and myself at in the
#osx86 channel or maybe #osx86.dvd also.

Good luck to you all and thanks for volunteering to make this DVD effort a

08/27/2005 4:45PM Eastern Time


The three machines this patched install DVD have been tested on had the
following CPUs/chipsets:

– Pentium 4 2.2 Northwood with Intel 865 chipset desktop (bender12)
– Pentium-M 1.86 with Intel 915 chipset laptop (bender12)
– Pentium 4-M 1.7 Northwood with Intel 845MP laptop (br0adband)

Please take one final note: since this is a work in progress, obviously the
video acceleration issues are still there so don’t get your hopes up. Sound
doesn’t work on any of those 3 machines listed above and even our mice have
issues. My Dell Inspirion has Intel onboard AC97 audio which *is* definitely

There WILL be glitches, etc with this patch. iTunes works, PPC apps work as far
as I can tell. I didn’t spend a great deal of time testing and installing a
shitload of software since I gave myself a small 10GB partition.

The whole point of this is to get it out there and start getting feedback from
folks in the field. We appreciate your cooperation.

As the first released patcher for making a working generic install DVD, I think
bender12 nailed it. Keep us posted on your results, please.

bb and bender12


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