MSN Virtual Earth Launches Tomorrow

MSN Virtual Earth Launches Tomorrow
Posted by Tom Warren on 24 July 2005


Google maps "killer" MSN Virtual Earth launches tomorrow to everyone wondering whether it will beat down Google Maps.

One disadvantage MSN Virtual Earth has is that it’s launching (in true Microsoft style) with only US support. Those of us who happen to live in "Europe" (or other places in the World) will have to wait for a while until MSN updates its pages to support our areas.

MSN Virtual Earth was switched on today temporarily to test production servers according to a member of the Virtual Earth team. Since the slip up it has since been turned off and ready to launch properly tomorrow.

Virtual Earth introduces a number of interface enhancements to the now-familiar draggable aerial web map, such as the ability to zoom in using your mouse scroll wheel, and a Location Finder to determine your real-world location.

For those who managed to take a sneak peak at Virtual Earth the response is positive. Here’s to tomorrow



Video: Channel 9 Interviews Virtual Earth Team
 View: MSN Virtual Earth (Launching tomorrow)


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