MSN spaces releases a new rich text editor


"The new and improved RTE offers all the existing functionality plus:

  1. Better WYSIWYG in Internet Explorer. You are now editing your message in the theme of your space.  Try using a theme with the semi-translucent background images and see how it bleeds through the editor
  2. Support for fonts, paragraph style, and font sizes
  3. Default to single-spacing for new blog entries
  4. Background (IE only) and foreground color
  5. Search hyperlinks (IE only)- Select some terms, click the magnifying-glass like toolbar button and a search link is created for those terms
  6. You can specify "No Follow" when inserting hyperlinks (IE Only).  No Follow is very useful when you want to link to another site but do not want that link followed and indexed by search engines.
  7. Cut, copy, and paste on the toolbar (no need to remember those keyboard short-cuts)
  8. Complete toolbar customization.  You can modify the toolbar options and they will be saved for the next time you edit (same machine only)
  9. HTML Mode – I am also proud to announce the official retirement of the Edit It.  You can now switch the editor in HTML mode and type HTML directly
  10. And, drum-roll please – Firefox support! You now get the RTE functionality in Firefox (minus the true "theme-ing")"

Scott’s Place this guy is the one that creating the rich text editor in Hotmail which we use almost everday.


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