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WE HAD a hard time trying to decrypt those news from hardspell, but it seems that the G70 might perform. This is the closest I can get to the real thing. Apparently the Geforce 7800 will come with 512MB DDR3 memory running at 1.4GHz and have achieved 7800 on 3DMark 05. The 6800 Ultra scores around 4400 marks normally so effectively, a G70 should beat a 6800 Ultra SLI. Chinese website.

The Greek Online Gaming network, otherwise known as GOG, tests the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64. It is especially designed for the AMD platform and comes with a low speed – 2200rpm – fan. It also comes with Arctic Cooling’s own MX-1 High Performance Thermal Compound. At full load, it shaves more than 13oC from AMD’s stock heatsink and it is quite cheap at only Eur 27 or around £20.

PCMagazine reviews existing browser wars including Fernando’s Netscape 8.0 Browser in Beta version. Others include Firefox, Opera and IE. Nothing much to differentiate in between them if you put security away. They also have one page on how to make your browser better through extensions. I would like them to pay attention more to IE superstructures like Netcaptor or my personal favorite like Maxthon which convert your IE into a super browser.

Techreport has reported on the new Venice-based AMD Athlon64 3800+. They have a 16-page review showing how good and overclockable this little baby is. Never has AMD offered so good looking chipolettas. Would you choose the already


Game based on Unreal 3 engine to arrive this year

E3 With 1000 Shader instruction

WE DON’T KNOW what is the title of the game but we know that there will be one game based on Unreal 3 engine coming by the end of this year.

This engine has great potential as we learned that the longest Shader used in this game will end up with up to 1000 instruction. Just for the record longest Shader program in Far Cry is the one doing incredible good looking water is made with 80 instructions only.

The game based on Unreal 3 engine with 1000 instructions better be good as we need some more eye candy and graphic companies needs it in order to sell more chips earn more money and make its stocks worthier.

We saw some great looking games at many publishers booth and we believe that 2005 especially end of it and early 2006 will provide us some nice games to play. Stay tuned there will be more about games. µ




G70定名Geforce 7800官方规格首次曝光
日期:2005-5-18    撰写:rick

现在市面上流传不少nVidia最新G70图形核心的规格但却众说纷云,不过HKEPC编辑部则为大家G70官方规格,绝对是最准确及独家资料。G70核心被定名为Geforce 7800系列,将会有三个版本分别为GTX、GT、Standard,核心采用0.11微米制程,拥有24条流水线,GTX核心频率为430MHz,支持CineFX 4.0引擎及Intellisample 4.0规格,但DirectX版本还是9.0c,支持Sharder Model 3.0。内存方面则采用GDDR3内存颗粒,速度达1.4GHz频宽为256Bit,而官方发布日期将为2005年6月22日。


日期:2005-5-20    撰写:leefe

此前,我们为您报道过G70将采用7xxx命名的消息,详见《<>G70定名Geforce 7800官方规格首次曝光》。Computex大展开幕在即,nVIDIA下一代显示核心G70的更多细节透露出来:

    *搭配512MHz DDR 3显存 工作频率为1400MHz




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